Privacy Policy Notice

Healthdaq® is committed to protecting and ensuring that your privacy and data is protected at all times.

Our privacy policy notice states how and why we collect personal information about you, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others, how we keep it secure and your rights. For the purpose of data protection regulations the main data controller and data processor is Health Sector Talent and its official subsidiaries.

Healthdaq may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

Who we are

Healthdaq® is a registered trademark and the cloud-based (SaaS) recruitment technology owned and managed by Health Sector Talent Limited, an independent healthcare talent consultancy specialising in workforce supply via digital advertising and recruitment events as well as provider of bespoke application and candidate management solutions to healthcare market.

Healthdaq enables the employer to capture applications via multiple sources, build talent pools, match candidates with vacancies, manage the selection and recruitment process, generate reports and insights, and monitor workloads and applicant flows. The platform connects candidate and employer, simplifying and digitising the recruitment cycle and providing automation to most processes. The platform equips candidate in a digital document storage (Wallet) and provides applicant documentation collation with a unique feature of generating digital employment profile (Healthfolio) available for both candidate and employer.

How do we collect information about you?

We obtain key information and personal, identifiable data by a number of activities:

  • Self Registration (Individual user account)
  • Account Creation (Organisational user account)
  • Job Application (via publicly available URL)
  • Candidate Import (as part of job fairs registration managed by Health Sector Talent)
  • Candidate Import (performed by platform admin where information may be supplied from a third party recommending you as a candidate)
  • Candidate Add (where relevant and requested by applicant)
  • Talent Pool Invite (performed by portal users)
  • Job Invite (performed by portal users)

In addition, we and the registered portal users (employers) process some or all of the information obtained as a result of an active recruitment cycle and engagement with employers using the portal:

  • Information and documents provided and forming your profile on the platform (e.g. work experience, education, employment preferences)
  • Information provided in the specific vacancy application questionnaire
  • Information which you provide in the direct communication via applicant tracking system
  • Employment confirmation and evaluations requested from third party
  • Documents and its content resulting from pre-employment checks and verification
  • A records of your progress through hiring processes
  • User logs and activities (non personal data) performed within your account

Purposes of processing data

Our interest is to provide efficient tool to support users (candidates) in securing the employment of a choice and  assist users (employers) in hiring processes. In majority of cases the data obtained is based on user consent and its used as follows:

  • To allow digitalisation, storage and management of employment relevant documentation
  • To acknowledge and enable job application(s) for processing
  • To screen and verify suitability for selected vacancies
  • To provide 1-way and/or 2-way communication in relation to relevant opportunities and specific recruitment processes
  • To obtain references and perform pre-employment verification
  • To boost your profile strength and improve your employability 
  • To support your recruitment events and networking gatherings engagement
  • To improve your candidate-vacancy match
  • To allow direct employer-candidate interaction

Information and data disclosure

Your information and data is used mainly within the portal and processed by platform administrators and/or by registered users (employers) where the specific talent pool presence takes place or candidate is directly involved in the recruitment processes. Accessibility of the data is not limited to a single registered user (employer) and access may also be extended to later added users (consultants).

The basic profile data will be used to support user engagement in the recruitment events organised or managed by Health Sector Talent. 

Some or all the information may be shared externally with third party to obtain employment confirmation, references, to evaluate candidate and/or to perform document compliance activities.

Some or all the information may be extracted in a form of report(s) to be processed outside of the platform. While this may occur the users (employers) are encouraged to fully destroy the file on completion of processing and users (administrators) are obligated to do so.

Information, data storage and retention


Azure Cloud Computing Services are used to host the application (platform) and its data. The portal, data bases and storage accounts are deployed in Azure West Europe data centres and its located in the Republic of Ireland and within the European Union.

Security measures

We take structured approach to ensure that all personal data is kept secure including  measures to prevent personal data from being lost, misused or accessed in an unauthorised way. 

We have integrated penetration testing that runs on our application periodically and reports any anomalies. We actively work on fixing any vulnerabilities that we may find.

Only authorised users can process your data and access requires providing specific login information. All users accounts are subject to multi factor authentication and most sensitive data will have it mandatory as default.


We do not limit on how long we will keep your data on the platform however your personal information can be a subject of the following:

  • You can control and set the status of your account in relation to its visibility to the users (employers)
  • You can delete your information and/or documents selectively within your account
  • You can delete the account in full (account can not be restored)
  • You can request a data deletion by system administrator (account can not be restored)

Your rights

Under the data protection regulations you have rights to:

  • Access to your information (can be generated from your own profile or requested to be provided)
  • Request to correct or amend specific information within your profile
  • Request removal from a specific recruitment processes
  • Request removal from a specific user (employer) talent pool
  • Delete your details including full account deletion


Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or reporting of a potential data breach should be logged directly with our Data Protection Officer by post, telephone or email at: Health Sector Talent Ltd, att. Healthdaq DPO, Unit A6 Bymac Centre, Northwest Business Park, Dublin. D15 YC61, Ireland.

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